Spring Frogs

One of my favorite ways to end the day is to soak in my hot tub on my back deck. The weather has been very cold for this time of year in the Pacific Northwest and we are still having intermittent snow flurries; and this week high winds. It makes me appreciate the warm tub even more!

Even though Spring is around the corner, Winter’s grasp is still strong. Soaking and relaxing, I thought I heard a frog croak—no that couldn’t be, it’s too cold. But no, in just another minute there was a significant number of frogs singing to the stars above (and each other to be sure!) It was the first frog I have heard this year. I live just above the wetlands spreading out to Lummi Bay and the frog song can be deafening on a warm spring night. Tonight was not that night, but it does hold the seed and promise of the raucous and fertile time that is quickly approaching, no matter that the land still wears its winter coat.            

032    Frogs bring Othalla or Othala to mind. It is a rune that looks like a tadpole that has grown back legs and also a bit like part of the double-helix of DNA. It is concerned with ancestry, DNA, heritage, prosperity, and heredity. Frogs have sensitive DNA and changes in the frog population is often an early indication that there is something affecting the environment in a negative way. Frogs also change dramatically in form from the time they hatch from the egg as a tadpole to transforming into a 4-legged frog. They even have the ability to change sex to ensure that there are enough pairs to replenish the population. With this amazing ability it is no wonder that storytellers chose a frog to turn into a prince with a kiss from a beautiful princess—that would be significant motivation for change!

As I listen to the frogs I am filled with gratitude knowing that even though I can’t feel Spring yet; the frogs can. I am reassured that the endless cycles of nature are repeating; and Spring will not be stopped. There are buds on the Japanese Cherry tree and I did see a single daffodil poking out her yellow bonnet just this morning. Spring is coming—just listen to the frogs; they know.

Blessing of the Coming Spring,



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Football in Seattle

My daughter collected a gift certificate I gave her several years agoe for a trip ro Seattle to watch our beloved Seahawks in person. What a grand adventure we had making the trek and spending the day with each other after homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Though our team didn’t win, they played valiantly and the game was quite exciting.
I could imagine what the Roman games must have been like– more blood and death; but there are still significant injuries today–boxes for the well to-do, food, drink, costumes, and lots of noise.
Of course I had to reflect on the runes–
Tiewaz-the Quarterback throws with the precision of an arrow
Thurisaz-is the offensive front line–all focus to protect the quarterback and keep the other team away from anyone with the ball
Raido- the one who punts the ball and kicks fieldgoals; and also the running backs that scramble all over the field.
Just a few thoughts I thought you might enjoy as football players are our weekend warriors and really do embody much of what is represented by the runes.
I have to comment on how loud the stadium was…Seattle has the loudest fans in the NFL. It sounds and feels like a cone of power being raised when the fans come together to support the team in a play. And I believe that it really helps to shift the energy.
So thankful for a new and fun way to celebrate Dec 24th. Oh yeah, and for fabulous garlic buttered french fries–YUMM!!

Happy Christmas Eve to you and yours!

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Remembering …

  Today I said goodbye to Ron Davis with family and friends at his funeral service. He was 20 years my senior; and he and his family were a cherished and constant presence in my childhood and youth.  As often is the case; the pain of loss is lessened by the reconnections we make as we gather to remember the stories and the presence of the loved one we are laying to his well deserved rest. Many memories were shared; and my father and Ron’s father (both had already passed over) were in some of the pictures shared and brought back many memories.

After the service and reception, I stopped at the cemetery where my parents, both sets of grandparents and Ron’s father are all buried to lay swags on their graves and visit them in both physical and spiritual space. I have been flooded with memories–most of them comforting and happy–all day. It is important for me to make the pilgrimage to their resting place to feel a sense of connection and to honor that connection.

It seems fitting that on the shortest night of the year we celebrate the life well lived; and on the first day that the Sun resumes her path of increasing light; he is laid to rest on Earth; and starts his new journey in the otherworld–be it heaven or some other wonder-fulled place of rest and renewal. Many of us have lost loved ones at this time of year–it is natural time of culling in the wild and domestic herds; and seems that  humans follow the same tendency. As sure as the earth is dormant and sleeping now–we know she will awaken in glorious abundance and beauty in the spring. How can the same not be true for us?

Rest well my ancestors and friends–I look forward to the time we meet again.

Blessed Solstice Night,


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Luicia Window dressing

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Santa Lucia Altar

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Santa Lucia Brings the Light

Tonight our closest friends gather and celebrate the promise of the return of the light in the season of darkest night. In Sweden the youngest or oldest daughter rises early to make Lussekatter (saffron buns) and coffee then serves the adults breakfast in bed. She wears a crown of lighted candles as she carries the tray from room to room; embodying Santa Lucia as brings light into every darkened space.
Tonight is ablaze with magic, tradition, music,light, story and we even have a young maiden dressing as Santa Lucia bringing Lussekatter for each of us. We celebrate, feast, love one another and wish for peace and abundance for ourselves and for our world.

Blessings of the light to each and everyone of you.
Dragongong (Deb)

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Hello Everyone-

I am in San Francisco attending BATS–the Bay Area Tarot Symposium. What fun! I get meet the movers anmd shakers in the tarot world and deepen my divination knowledge.


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