I am an ordained Priestess of Isis-Stella Maris and also devoted to Brigid and Freya. All three are triple-goddesses. As I ordained in the Iseum of Stella Maris I was encouraged to dedicate my priestess path to Goddesses that had guided me on my journey. Brigid is the Celtic triple-goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. I am connected to her in my healing work as well as my love of crafting things by hand. Freya is the triple-goddess of the Norse peoples and is belived to have taught Odin the shaman ways–and he in turn taught her the ways of the runes. She loves beauty, yet is the leader of the Valkyries that gather the warrior dead and transports them to Valhalla. Both Norse and Celtic blood runs in my veins and was drawn to work with runes early in my magical training.
My intent is to share my experieces with the runes; so others my see they are a lens that can clarify events of the day, or questions asked of them. They are also powerful symbols to set spellswork, intentions, and affirmations to improve the circumstances of our lives. I follow and encourage all to follow the Wiccan rede: “An ye harm none, do what ye will”. We can make our lives better without harm to others or at other’s expense. The Universe is for us…and there IS enough for all.
My other interests are sure to show up in my blog–tarot, energy work, singing and chanting, prayer, healing, connecting to the sacred in whatever way is presented to us in the moment. I truly believe that all paths lead to God. My personal path is Goddess centered, Wiccan, Pagan, and Heathen-Norse. My ancestry is as varied as my eclectic spiritual practice and most likely the reason that different aspects of all of these resonate within me. The same golden thread of Divinity and Truth are woven through them all.
I am hoping that this blog will foster yet another family for me to share with and learn from…and that  some of my current family will follow me on this new journey. I look forward to your comments and insights.
Debra Strom
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